The smart clip that simplifies the expo

You want to create exhibits rapid, reliable, and reinstalled?

Amand'In is for you!

It is a colorless polycarbonate connector, designed for securing panels of melamine 19 mm
and / or ice 8mm.
The angles are variable from 0 to 360 °, and can be blocked by simply tightening the central screw.
You can achieve the figures from the dome triangular column, passing through the partition curve,
furniture, counters, etc. ...

One can either maintain a panel of 19 mm and 8 mm of ice on the same clip, he just have to disassemble the piece and reassemble the two connector halves depending on the type of panel (be sure to put screws flat ends of the ice for 8 mm).

Because of its realization in polycarbonate in the mass, the clip is non-fire Amand'in by definition.

The connectors are supplied by Amand'In packaging of 20 pieces with flat screws, set screws and a hex wrench.

You follow an eco-friendly thinking and therefore want to reuse your booth?

Amand'In lets you mount and unmount your partitions exposure as simply the world, bringing you a real time saver and a contemporary spirit.

During the implementation, if you want optimum support on melamine panels, use the set screws. There is no need to overtighten so as not to mark the panel too.
To do this, tighten the screws so they are flush with the connector.

  Made in France

This method is provided for maintaining supported panels stable sol. There can never be equated with a hinge. LFE disclaims all liability for improper use of the product.

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