This system is designed to achieve partitioning of exhibition stands, permanent or mobile.

It enables the reuse of the panels in modular and reusable configurations.

Profylo is made of PVC which are used to package panels 19 mm melamine according to the desired angle. It therefore allows complete freedom of the angle of 2 or more departures.

Its simple assembly principle is suitable for the production volume curves. Ideal for making furniture (desks, display ..).

Easy to assemble, easy to disassemble, easy to carry ...

With a little common sense and creativity, you will see that the possibilities of this simple system are extremely varied ..

Dare to design without being limited by the constraints of fixed angles and standardized. Limits Profylo would they set only by your imagination? ...

Sustainable Development:

Profylo allows you to keep your stand.

Saves time:

Profylo arises and settles easily and quickly.


Profylo gives you the ability to reuse and relocate the stand.


The stand, furniture and display cases are palletized and ready to go ...

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